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3 Tips To Crawl Ecommerce Websites

Crawling data from ecommerce websites is pretty usual nowadays. There’s so much data and information on ecommerce sites that it’s tempting to make use of it. Scraping product fields like name, price, category, brand etc.. means a basis for competitor monitoring and intelligence solutions. We…

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How To Make The Most Out Of Web Scraped Data

In today’s article we’re gonna discover how you can make the best use of web scraped data. Because it’s one thing to grab data from any website. But it’s a whole another story to get the most out of this kind of data. The data…

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6 Misunderstandings About Web Scraping

Hey guys, in my experience as a web scraping developer I have come across so many misconceptions about web scraping. So I thought it would be valuable for you to mention and explain the biggest misunderstandings about web scraping. Read the article or watch the…

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How Your Business Can Leverage Web Scraping

Before we start, just letting you know that many of the things mentioned below you can do yourself. You don’t necessarily need to hire someone to do it you can use a scraping software if you want. It really depends on the kind of field…

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Building a Web Scraping Based SaaS Business, part 4

Data flow in PriceMind As I talked about it earlier, I’m developing a price intelligence platform for ecommerce companies. If you don’t know, this kind of stuff is heavily relied on data. The most important function I have to focus on is what actionable insights…

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How I Write Scrapy Spiders in Minutes

In the last post of my web scraping business blog post series I mentioned that I have a spider-creating system. This system makes me able to build scrapy spiders literally in minutes. With this system my only goal is to be able to produce new…

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Building a Web Scraping Based SaaS Business, part 3

Hey I’m back again with a new business documentation post. The last time we talked about how I validated my idea without starting to code. Now in this one, I’m gonna go (sort of) deep on the technical side. What programming languages I use for…

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