ScrapingAuthority is a client-centric company. Whatever we do, we do it because it helps you and makes your life easier.

When it comes to web scraping, everything should be made specifically for you and your needs. General solutions are useless many times. Thus we understand that in order to provide you with the most value we have to create custom-tailored solutions for you always, everytime. Also we are open for any idea you come up with we’re eager to tackle new challenges.

scraping any website

Scraping any website

When it comes to web scraping there’s a bunch of challenges we have to overcome to get the data successfully. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter for you because we take care of everything. End to end. We use hands-down the best technology for web scraping. Some of the challenges we often need to address on a site:

  • Javascript generated content
  • Content loaded using AJAX in the background
  • Pagination of tens of thousands of pages
  • Filling out forms
  • IP rotation (IP ban)
  • Cookies

We can deal with all of them. We make sure you get the kind of data you’re expecting everytime, on time.

Cleaning, filtering and deduplication

99% percent of the time web scraped public data is messy. That’s why when we scrape a website for you we always make sure to clean it and make it easy to work with. Beyond that, if you need we can further process the data to match your requirements. Sometimes clients need the data to be highly filtered to meet business needs. Other times we deduplicate or link specific type of records together.

  • Cleaning
  • Deduplication
  • Data matching (record linkage) using ML if needed
  • Filtering, applying business rules
  • Standardization, normalization

If your project contains some further processing after scraping don’t worry we can make it happen.

cleaning data

Structured data

Scraping unstructured data means nothing for your business. The real value in web scraping is when the data becomes fully structured. We can deliver scraped data for you in literally any format and way possible.

  • JSON, JSONLines, XML, CSV, XLSX(excel)
  • Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, DropBox
  • Custom API

These are some often used formats. If you need to integrate data into your existing system we can make a fully customized solution too.

Data analysis and intelligence

In some industries the amount of publicly available online data is unbelievably huge. To get the most possible value out of web scraping, just data extraction is not enough. Pure web scraped data can be useful and sometimes that’s all what we can do. But other times you leave a huge amount of money on the table if you don’t apply analysis and intelligence on your pure data.

We are specialized in building custom-made data platforms. A data platform makes it easy for you to draw insights from your data. Besides scraped data, it is the home of high-level reports, and analytics. It has everything you need to combine inside(business) and outside(competitive) data. We recommend this solution especially for ecommerce companies and brands.

data analyis

Scrapy consultancy

We are huge advocators of the open source web scraping framework, Scrapy. We love using it. Also we recommend using it in your own organization or personal projects. You can find loads of articles and even a tutorial series about Scrapy in our blog. If you are into books, we wrote one about it.

We provide Scrapy consultancy services for you to either kick-off a new project or maintain an existing one.

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